Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 24
Bird & Beckett Books
653 Chenery (Glen Park BART station)
San Francisco, CA
2-4 pm

Thursday, March 28
The Poetry Brothel (at AWP)
Star Theater Portland
13 NW 6th Avenue
Portland, OR
8 pm to 2 am

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“We take our pleasure as we can,” Karen Hildebrand writes in the title poem to Crossing Pleasure Avenue, in a voice filled with desire tempered by loss. And there is much pleasure in this book of terse lyrics that engages the reader with humor, brio, and bite.” —Sharon Dolin

Hildebrand honors the women who have come before and the women who we are. She is funny, fervent, and fierce. Crossing Pleasure Avenue is delightfully profound. I’d take a walk with her poetry any day! —Denise Duhamel

Crossing Pleasure Avenue, reminds us of the strangeness of the everyday and the pleasure in those ripe moments when the past and the present buckle and overlap.” —Joanna Fuhrman


Announcing the arrival of Crossing Pleasure Avenue (Indolent Books, 2018)

Reading at the Bryant Park Reading Room
Tues., May 22, 2018 with fellow Indolent Books
authors Nicole Callihan, Lisa Andrews, Jenna Le, John Deming. Thank you, Paul Romero!

Poets Joanna Fuhrman and Kat Georges joined me May 8, at the venerable KGB Lit Bar to launch the collection with NYC friends.
After the book launch, I traveled to Boulder, CO, to join Steven Taylor's Songworks at the Naropa University Summer Writing Program. I wrote and sang "Raccoons In The Night" with the band.

Book signing at AWP, Tampa, FL, March 2018

Where Dance and Poetry Meet

7.16.17. I just returned from two fabulous weeks in Lisbon as part of the Disquiet International Literary Program. What a great experience it was to work with the poets Denise Duhamel and Terri Witek and to learn about the literary history of Portugal. I was thrilled to read a couple of poems at Sao Luiz Teatro in the same room where Pina Bausch performed Cafe Muller for the last time, May, 2008.

photo by Steven Tagle, July 2017.

Finalist for The Disquiet Literary Prize

3.20.17. News just came in that my poem, "A History of Feminism," was a finalist for The Disquiet Literary Prize, awarded by the folks who run The Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal. I'm excited to attend the program this summer and cannot wait to visit Lisbon.

"A History of Feminism" will be published in the 2017 great weather for MEDIA anthology. More about this soon.

(available thru Three Rooms Press)

 by Karen Hildebrand

I have many reports
on the miseries of the milkman,

daughter of dairy folk that I am. 
But the cows! The cows are lovely!

Holstein, Guernsey, 
Belarus Red. Uncle Vern

used to hook them up 
to machines that pulsed

the barn like a disco. Milk!
It's my happy place! Butter

churned from the froth!
Takes well to chocolate

and mama’s boys.
It’s the sweet bond of suckle

we wish we could return to.
In a bowl the Cheerios

always run out first.
Snow White, a shapely vixen,

bottled with a pleated cap
and wholesome as Nancy Drew.

“Farming is hard,” said Uncle Vern 
before he died. “Damn you,

Vern,” said his wife, after.
When he was sad, he ate

Wonder Bread soaked in milk 
from a glass with a spoon.

New Work, Summer 2015

I'm proud to have new work in two excellent anthologies this summer:

Aug 2015

Before Passing  from great weather for MEDIA

I will be reading with other contributors on
Wed. September 30:

Pacific Standard
Brooklyn, 7-9:30 pm.

"Techno Prisoners" Maintenant 9
 from Three Rooms Press

I was also part of a special launch of Joanna Fuhrman's newest book, The Year of Yellow Butterflies. I read my prose poem "The Year of No Men."

Flag Foundation
Chelsea Art Tower, NYC
May 21, 2015

Artist in Residence, Ravens View Farm

For two weeks this Spring, this will be my view. I've been invited by the proprietors of Ravens View Farm in Peachland, British Columbia, to be their first Artist in Residence. Alison and Mark are old friends from the 1990s, when we all lived in Boulder, Colorado. Now, they're organic fruit tree growers in Canada and I'm a magazine editor in New York City. I'm excited and grateful for this gift of time to focus on my poetry manuscript. Plus I get to be a farmer! For two hours every day, I help out with chores. Then, it's butt-in-the-chair time. No internet, no television. Just me and the page.